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Star Control

Devices used:
Bee Bot
Blue Bot
Sphero 2.0
Wedo & Makey Makey
Learn & Go
Big Trak
Rolling Spider
Roamer Too
This experience is intended to engage and stimulate interest in coding and control by using a wide range of physical control devices to which pupils may not have been previously exposed. It is intended to be engaging and fun, it is also planned to hit a number of different statements for the Computing requirements and also to allow teachers to show experience, coverage and progression.
The experience is planned to last for half a day and can accommodate up to 30 pupils per session. It will require a large open space such as a school hall.

The whole event is themed around the Star Wars movies, each device has a simple task and is linked to a narrative. Pupils work in groups of 3-4 and will work around the range of devices gaining as many different experiences as possible in the time allowed.

Star Control is proving very popular, please register your interest as soon as possible!