SLA3 - Online Safety


Pupil and Staff safety online is a paramount issue for us in Northumberland and over the years we have built up a range of strategies for promoting and developing online safety in schools and to support schools in their role of monitoring and reporting activity on their networks.  


ICT SLA 3 provides: 

  • CEOP training for Staff and Governors;  

  • support for schools in running training and awareness raising sessions for parents;  

  • network monitoring and custom website blocking software - including the provision of Senso provided free in the SLA (normally £1000 - £1500 per site);  

  • automated weekly network reports to Senior Leadership Teams in schools;  

  • clear procedures for dealing with incidents should they occur;  

  • support and technical guidance in investigating incidents; half termly e-safety updates and guidance;  

  • auditable logs should an e-safety incident occur, including screen captures for evidence; the setting up of two Console Users for each school. to allow direct access to the logs;  

  • individual visits, guidance and support in dealing with an e-safety or data protection incident; forensic capability to analyse and inspect computer equipment; a phased cycle of external e-safety & security auditor reports;  

  • guidance materials, for example our current ‘Online safety and network security in Northumberland school guide. 


We also provide Lightspeed MDM licenses for iOS devices to schoolsThis is allows the central deployment of apps and settings to ensure devices are setup appropriately for classroom use.