Courses and Events

The following document provides an update on some of the ICT courses and developments taking place up to Easter this year.

 We have lots of exciting activities planned, some with free resources, many of which are twilight sessions.  I would be grateful if you could circulate this to your staff and also make the attached poster available.


Summary of content:

1.   ICT Conference 31st March 2017 – The Village Hotel, North Tyneside.

2.   Register directly into SIMs – 1 year free trial open to all schools.

3.   Safe online searching - Britannica Online costs between £599 and £995 per school –
  you can access it FREE through School360.

4.   Parent App for iPhone and Android.

5.   Simple login for Early Years.

6.   Ozobots and Crumble – great courses with FREE resources.

7.   ICT and e-learning courses this term.

If you or your staff require further information on any of the above or would like an update on School360 for your staff, please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of the ICT Curriculum Support Team.